Get a Library Card

All people residing within City of Fairbury limits are eligible to receive a library card at no cost that is valid for three years. Non-residents residing in Cropsey, Belle Prairie, Indian Grove, and Avoca townships may pay the current year non-resident fee ($85 for 2023) to receive a library card that is valid for one year. Currently, Cropsey, Belle Prairie, & Indian Grove townships cover this cost, while Avoca covers approximately 2/3 of the cost. Residents residing outside of Fairbury city limits and served by another library must get their library card at their residing library but may use their card here at Dominy, as long as the home library is part of RAILS (Reaching Across Illinois Library System).

To receive a library card, you must present two forms of identification in person at the library, one of which must include a photo and one which must include a name and address. These forms of identification include but are not limited to a driver’s license, utility bill, purchase or rental agreement, voter’s registration card, or a piece of mail. Children under the age of 18 must have a parent’s signature on any initial application for a library card. A Dominy cardholder may use their card at any other library that is part of RAILS.